Part 1 of Spring Digital Production

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Choreography by Vincent Michael Lopez


Rowan Catel and Carlos Narvaez, Efanora Into Dust Photography

“Efanora questions our mortality and asks us to reflect on our connections to each other,” says choreographer Vincent Michael Lopez. Themes of light and darkness, life and death, love and loss intersect in a nightmarish dream state of this three-part piece. 

This video may not be appropriate for children due to images of drugs.


EFANORA: Behind the Scenes Video

Go behind the scenes with the EFANORA’s choreographer and OBT dancers to learn more about how they created and filmed this production! 

Meet the Choreographer Blog

“I feel like my creative process starts with a visual image. For this piece, I saw an overall image in my mind: the top light and two dancers attached at the mouth with a thread. So, I analyzed what that image meant to me, and the storyline started to emerge…”

Meet Vincent Michael Lopez, a Seattle choreographer and a dancer with Spectrum Dance Theater!

Efanora Trailer

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