December 8-20, 2023

Edmonds Center for the Arts | Everett Performing Arts Center

Frank Borg and OBS students | Into Dust Photography

Olympic Ballet Theatre’s production of The Nutcracker is widely anticipated each year, and we are thrilled to be back! Join us for this favorite holiday tradition featuring dazzling snowflakes, a dramatic battle, waltzing flowers, Tchaikovsky’s timeless score, and much more!

Choreographed by OBT artistic directors Oleg Gorboulev and Mara Vinson, this classic production of The Nutcracker features sets designed by Jeanne Franz, Phillip Lineau, and Ruth Gilmore.

Estimated Performance Length:

Regular Performance: 2 hours
(Including one 15 minute intermission)

Abridged Morning Matinee: 1 hour, 15 minutes
(Including one 15 minute intermission)


December 8–10, 2023

Everett Performing Arts Center

Friday, December 8, 10:30 am – abridged matinee
(group reservations information below)

Saturday, December 9,  2 pm

Saturday, December 9, 7 pm

Sunday, December 10, 1 pm

Sunday, December 10, 5 pm

Ticket Price: $27–$45
(varies by performance time, age, and seating location)


December 14–20, 2023

Edmonds Center for the Arts

Thursday, December 14, 10:30 am — abridged matinee
(group reservations information below)
Sold Out!

Friday, December 15, 10:30 am — abridged matinee
(group reservations information below)
Less than 10 seats left!

Friday, December 15, 7 pm

Saturday, December 16, 2 pm

Saturday, December 16, 7 pm

Sunday, December 17, 5 pm

Monday, December 18, 2 pm

Tuesday, December 19, 2 pm

Wednesday, December 20, 2 pm

Ticket Price: $29–$55
(varies by performance time, age, and seating location)


Perfect for kids and adults of all ages, these abridged performances are $10 per person for groups of 20 or more. You don’t need to be affiliated with a school to join us for a fun, kid-friendly event!

This production includes the “Introduction to the Magic of Theatre” intermission segment, where audience members view a special behind-the-scenes demonstration of scenery, lighting, costumes, and props! Performances are one hour and fifteen minutes.

Everett Performing Arts Center:
Friday, December 8: 10:30 am

Edmonds Center for the Arts:
Thursday, December 14: 10:30 am
Friday, December 15: 10:30 am

To reserve seating for Abridged School and Group Matinees, please fill out the RESERVATION FORM and return it via mail or email to

For more information or ticketing assistance with School Group Performances please call 425-774-7570 or email


The Nutcracker is the story of a little girl named Clara and a wooden doll that was given to her on Christmas Eve many years ago. Clara lives with her brother Fritz and her parents, Herr and Frau Burgermeister.

As the ballet opens, we see Herr Drosselmeyer on his way to a Christmas party, carrying presents for his godchildren, Clara and Fritz. Pausing to check his watch outside the home, he discovers that he is running late and rushes inside with his gifts in tow. Drosselmeyer’s gifts for the children include life-size mechanical dolls and a special present for his godchild Clara: a wonderful Nutcracker doll. In jealousy, her brother Fritz throws The Nutcracker on the floor and breaks it, but Herr Drosselmeyer quickly mends it. The party continues with gifts, dancing, and refreshments until the guests depart.

Shortly before the stroke of midnight, Clara steals away to the parlor to fetch her beloved Nutcracker doll. She curls up with the doll in her arms and falls fast asleep on the couch. She dreams a wonderfully vivid dream in which the Christmas tree grows, larger-than-life sized rats attack toy soldiers, and her Nutcracker doll fights a dangerous duel with the menacing rat king! Clara bravely throws her slipper at the rat king, saving her Nutcracker from defeat.

As all signs of the battle that just ensued melt away, Clara finds herself transformed into a beautiful young woman and the Nutcracker into a handsome prince. They begin to dance, the snow starts falling, and Herr Drosselmeyer sends them on, through the snow flurries, into the Land of the Sweets.


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